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ThermalGreen Ceramic Blankets (Grade 1260)

ThermalGreen Ceramic Blankets are potentially the widely used blankets in various industrial applications operating in temperaturesupto 1260 Degree Celcius like:

  • Reformers
  • Reactors
  • Automotive
  • Boilers
  • Power Plants
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Exhaust Ducts

These lightweight needled blankets are instant preference of the Clients due to its excellent service characteristics of low thermal conductivity and zero dryout period. These blankets are available in varying densities as per the requirements.

Density (kg/m3) Thickness Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (mm)
Min Max
64 160
Min Max
6mm 50 mm
610 7620 (till 25mm)
5080 (38mm)
3810 (50mm)

ThermalGreen Blankets (Grade 1430)

ThermalGreen Ceramic Blankets are Zirconium based and are extensively applied in temperatures operating upto 1425 Degree Celcius in industries like:

  • Furnaces
  • Process Industries
  • High Temperature Liners
  • Kilns
  • Fire protection
  • Laddles
  • Foundaries

These blankets with excellent thermal and chemical shock properties are first choice for insulation systems worldwide.
They are also available in varying densities as per the requirements.

Density (kg/m3) Thickness Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (mm)
Min Max
96 160
Min Max
13mm 50 mm
610 7620 (till 25mm)
5080 (38mm)
3810 (50mm)

ThermalGreen BIO

Conventional Ceramic Fibres have been used frequently as an alternative for asbestos in order to protect materials and equipment against very High Temperatures. Nevertheless prudence is called for while process- ing and applying ceramic fibres (also called Conventional Ceramic Fibres). As they belong to the family of Mineral wool fibres, they are not Bio-soluble and have been categorized as “Probable Human Carcinogen” (category B2) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

ThermalGreen-TransCreek has launched ThermalGreen Bio – our bio-soluble /Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) fibres. ThermalGreen offers Ceramic Blankets based on Biosoluble Fibres. These fibres are not hazardous for humans. When inhaled they will be dissolved by the bodily fluids in a biological way and thus evacuated from system.

BIO Ceramic insulation can resist to a maximum service temperature of 1200 °C. These are lightweight fibres with a very low Thermal conductivity, a High tensile strength and a high Thermal shock and corrosion resistance. They can be applied in innumerable industrial industries such as the steel and aluminium industry, the furnace construction industry, etc.

Below are the areas of application and Properties of ThermalGreen Bio (Service Temp:1200 °C)

Provides Easier Application

  • Offers Excellent Thermal resistance
  • Provides High Thermal shock resistance
  • It has Low Thermal conductivity and heat storage

Areas of application

  • Refractory construction
  • Household appliances industry for boilers, hearths, furnaces, etc.
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy, especially for aluminium Ceramic industry
  • Petrochemical industry & Wherever Heat is ON,,,

ThermalGreen BIO Specifications

Type Bio Soluble Ceramic Fibre Blanket
Item Code
Temperature Grade °C 1200
°F 2192
Shot Content(%) 12
Density Kg/m3 96,128
lb/ft3 6,8
Thermal Shrinkage (24 hrs)
% <=2.5
°C 1000
Thermal Conductivity
(W /m.k) 128Kg/m3
200°C 0.048
400°C 0.087
600°C 0.0135
Chemical Analysis
Sio2  % 55-65
CaO % 23-35
MgO % 5-10
Dimensions(mm) Length : 3600 ~ 7200mm
Width : 610 mm
Thickness : 13 ~50 mm
(Custom sizes are available upon request)

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